Club card accounting and control system for night club


The system allows you to accept applications from the site for club cards with subsequent management of the application by the administrator ( confirmation / editing / deletion )

The software we developed is installed on the ( pc, mac ) pc, to which the magnetic card reader is connected, when the card is passed to the reader, the system issues all previously registered user information, card type,  the number of inputs, the number of friends made ( depends on the type of card ) and determines whether the entrance is allowed or the client has already passed to the institution,  it is also possible to photograph the user ( through the web camera ) through the system and attach the photo to his ( account automatically ) or change the contact information about the user.

The system is fully automated and synchronized with the main database, which is located on two ( replication ) independent servers and DC, for the system to operate, broadband Internet access is required, but the system can also work offline.
Through the administration system, it is possible to create newsletters based on cardholders, view all statistics, inputs, time, gender, number of friends spent, by type of card, by event, etc, 

The system successfully works in nightclubs in the city of Kiev and Sum.


Family Restaurant Group
( White Cocon, biker pub Route 66, restaurant « Masonic bed », coffee house « Tiramisu » )


  • PHP, Adobe AIR, MySQL, AMFPHP ( SOAP )