Bot for groups of residential complex on ~ 6000 people


The bot was created to administer telegrams of chats ( ~ 30 pieces ), a large residential complex. 

The bot recognizes and answers common questions asked by residents, namely.

  • Tell me where the table of residents
  • How to pat KDE2 under FreeBSD?
  • Who entered into an agreement with DTEC or Kyienergo
  • Give contacts ec
  • Tell Galina Adamovna's phone
  • Tell the sales department phone
  • Bot tell me a joke
  • Bot how to help you
  • What is the meaning of life
  • Give the security phone
  • What is our YouTube channel
  • Give the dispatcher phone
  • What is our index
  • Give a parking phone
  • When the keys are issued
  • What is the situation with the lanette
  • Tell me the plumbing number
  • and a lot other

He also knows how to remind about the transmission of readings from counters, he sends a reminder message on the right day with a link to sites in common groups of LCDs, but he can also personally send a message to a specific user.

For residents with OSBB, the bot sends the amount of debt by communal services with reference to payment ( Portmone, Privat24 )