Telegram group management bot


The bot allows managing a group of 3D models in Telegram. The group is created for users who exchange 3D models for graphics with each other. Each upload must comply with certain conditions, including image, code, title, and tags. Due to the fact that some users may not always comply with these conditions, all uploads to the group go through the bot.

The upload process takes place entirely through the bot. The user uploads a model archive, and the bot checks if such a model is already in the group. If there is, the bot informs the user that duplication is not allowed. Then the bot accepts the image, title, and forms tags in the correct format, shows the result to the user, and if everything is in order, the user clicks the "Publish" button.

To use the group, each user must upload at least 10 models per month. The bot automatically calculates all statistics and provides the administrator with access to it. The administrator can view all statistics for all users and block any user through the bot. The bot also sends a reminder that the number of uploaded models in the current month is insufficient.