Automated online order processing system for pharmacy network


A universal automation system has been developed for the pharmacy network.

There are > 17 pharmacies on the network, you can order drugs for any of these pharmacies through the online store. After ordering, the order is automatically processed by the system, the drugs in the order are checked for availability in this pharmacy, SMS is sent to the buyer, and reserved.

Pharmacists of a particular pharmacy on "live" see all those who come to them their orders and order status ( designed, assembled, pharmacy, operator, etc. ).

Orders that cannot be generated automatically due to the lack of availability in pharmacies, lack of quantity or for other reasons are automatically received by operators. Operators, in turn, manually drown information from the client on order, offer to order, extend, or change the order, after which they switch the order in the system to the pharmacy, the pharmacy, in turn, already sees the adjusted order and processes, in case of a problem it can return it to operators with comments.

All order statuses change automatically, up to the ( sale ) on the cash register. 

All products ( > 50000 ) in the online store are automatically synchronized with the warehouse and the balances of pharmacies, to exclude the order of goods that are sold out. All prices for goods are also synchronized every 3 hours, this is > 670,000 entries, thanks to the optimization of the algorithm, data from the 1C database to the site database "overflow" in an average of 50 seconds.

The system also has a testing system for the professional suitability of pharmacists in pharmacies, that is, the customer service department creates questions, allocates time for them and includes testing at a certain time and date, after pharmacists are tested quickly and conveniently from their jobs.

The system operates on 24/7/365, without stopping, stopping is fraught with hanging orders ( > 10 per minute ) and dissatisfied customers.


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  • PHP, MariaDB, Redis, Boostrap, 1C, Bootstrap, API