Automated residential complex system

2017, the beginning

With the start of the construction of the LCD, the idea came to organize the community of the ISTO KVITIV LCD". For this were launched forum, YouTube channel MK, facebook, telegram channel MK, > 40 chats in telegrams ( in lines, porches and interests ). Gradually, the project grew into a single automated housing system.

Bot MK

In the process of growing and filling chats with residents and the same questions that arise, was written and connected to all chats Bot MK, who answered the same questions of the inhabitants. The bot answered the most common questions and requests ( > 30 pieces ), “ What is our index ”, “ Give the security phone ”, “ Pour the beer ”, "What a pharmacy phone "et etc.

The whole list can be viewed by asking him "Bot, what can you do"

Bot also performed tasks such as:
  • reminder of the transfer of indicators from heat, water and electricity meters with direct links
  • sending the amount of debt by communal link with links to payment with recipients and payer already in the details, will remain to keep a card and click pay
  • quick search for contacts of the owner of the car by his state car number
  • authorization of the user as a resident of MK
  • assistance in administering the user's personal account
  • different alerts
  • payment acceptance

telegrams of chats


users turned to bot

Unified register of tenants with a private office

As there were more and more people, and plans are larger, together with the OSBB and EC, it was decided to start collecting the online database of all LCD investors and additional information ( e-mail, auto, etc. ) for further use by the control and automation system. Users were asked to register in their personal account with the introduction of the required data, after which the data was checked for state registers for reliability, only after that the user was given access to LCD services.

Each user has his own office where he can manage his contact details, premises, information about cars, etc. The full functionality of the services with which you can send is also available in the office online security requests for passes, applications for a problem engineer in the house, watching online video, etc. Also in the office, a resident could see the amount on the ( OSBB ) communal apartment and immediately pay, the office also carries out all the calculation of charity fees for various tasks.

The home administration system also uses the OSBB to update residents and quickly search for contacts in the apartment. The base of numbers is also synchronized with the security phone so that when calling the guard sees from which queue and what apartment is calling to be sure that this is a real resident calling.

Implemented projects

Own and joint projects implemented for MK residents

Application, WEB, Android, iOS

The first version was WEB version of the technology application PWA,that allowed it to be installed on devices running Android, iOS, Windows, whether it be a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. It is always available for free, with full functionality and on all devices.

Over time, an Android version of the application was developed, which is available in Play Market

Application system

As the LCD settled and increased car / pedestrian traffic in the LCD, the security pass application system left much to be desired, everything was in writing in a notebook and by phone, the guard did not have time to answer calls, record, open a barrier and a gate with simultaneous verification of whether there is an application in a notebook for a pass. The designed and developed system was that any authorized resident of MK, through a personal account, through the MK application can send an application for a pass of the ( delivery, taxi, guests, etc. ) car, indicating the state number of the car ( if there is ) and the description, after sending the application is included in the list on the monitor at the guard, all information is displayed in a convenient form and has a quick search by apartment number or state car number. This made it possible to expedite the acceptance and processing of security applications, respectively, fewer traffic jams at the entrance.

Applications for admission also fall into the number recognition system, for automatic transmission ( taxi, guests ), and after travel are canceled.


Accounts of residents


Automobile cars of residents


Duty calls per day


Messages processed


  • PHP
  • MariaDB
  • Telegram
  • Laravel
  • Flutter
  • PWA